Galactic UVW Javascript Calculator

Created by David Rodriguez, UCLA 2010

This code is based on the GAL_UVW routine in the IDL Astronomy User's Library, which you can access here.
U is positive towards the Galactic center. UVW are in km/s and rounded to 2 decimal places. Not corrected for solar motion.

The IDL and Python source code for this and other similar tools can be found at Github.

Normal calculation:

    RA (J2000, deg)
    Dec (J2000, deg)
    pmRA (mas/yr)
    pmDec (mas/yr)
    Distance (pc)
    Radial Velocity (km/s)

Calculate for multiple RV values:

    Initial Velocity (km/s)
    Final Velocity (km/s)
    Velocity Step (km/s)

Calculate for multiple distance values:

    Initial Distance (pc)
    Final Distance (pc)
    Distance Step (pc)